Wills & Succession Planning

Estate Planning involves expertly reviewing your situation and determining the appropriate way to provide for the management of your assets and wealth during your lifetime and the dispersal of your assets amongst your loved ones after your death.

McIntosh McPhillamy & Co is committed to ensure your assets are transferred according to your wishes in the most financially efficient and tax-effective way.

Drafting and preparing a legally binding Will makes the administration of your estate easier on your loved ones.

Our team of estate planning experts will ensure your Will is clear, binding and will protect your beneficiaries' best interests. A well-drafted Will can avoid costly court proceedings and legal fees down the track. 

A public trustee may help you prepare a free will, however you must be aware that they will appoint themselves as the executor of your estate and will charge substantial fees and commission from your estate.

Our estate planning services will help:

  • Advise upon the impact of complex family structures or financial situations
  • Ensure your Will reflects exactly where assets are to go and how they are to be managed
  • Explain the scope of your Will and the implication of joint assets, pensions and superannuation
  • Prepare your Will, including Testamentary Trusts when appropriate
  • Protect your children's inheritance from creditors or marital breakdown
  • Tailor a plan that can prevent potential disputes between beneficiaries saving them money and time in the long run
  • You understand the legal obligations for distributing your assets

Contact a member of our Wills and Succession Planning Law team for further information or advice:

Andrew Bird at abird@mcmc.com.au  or on 6331 1533.
Kelli Ennever at kennever@mcmc.com.au or on 6331 1533.
Pat Bird at pbird@mcmc.com.au or on 6331 1533.
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Beth Pratley at epratley@mcmc.com.au or on 6331 1533.